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What would you say if I told you there was a way you and your family could avoid the dentist’s costly drill with sweet, all-natural lollipops?

Call it a scientific breakthrough, call it a sweet-tooth miracle, either way these cavity fighting lollipops and lozenges will not only satisfy your candy cravings, but also destroy the bacteria that causes tooth decay … while you’re eating it!

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DentalOptimizer.Com is a web portal created with your oral health in mind. We strive to provide great information and tools related to your oral health. We know your dental health is important to you. Dental Optimizer connects you with the best dentists in a way that facilitates long-term relationships focused on keeping you healthy.

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Founded in 2013 Healthy Grid was created around the vision that individual oral health is important.  With backing from the health insurance industry, Healthy Grid set out to leverage emerging  technology to reach individuals in need of dental care. We are a startup with offices currently located  in Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington.  Read More...


Andrew CLapp

Digital Strategist

A Digital Strategy, Marketing and Product Development professional with experience in a wide range of web, mobile and emerging technologies. Andrew specializes in strategy, product management and development and UX.


Sam Dyer

Digital Strategist

A veteran marketer specializing in traffic growth, UX and funnel optimization. Sam has shown dozens of local businesses how to “bootstrap” themselves to success by helping them fall in love with their market instead of their products.


Dr. Jay Lamb DMD

Senior Vice President 

A longtime dentist and former Chair of the ODS Board of Directors, Jay Lamb, D.M.D. is currently a senior vice president at Moda Health where he oversees HealthyGrid.


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